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The most popular mandarin orange hamper highly in demand during Chinese New Year. 16 Mountain of gold (柑)in total. 金玉满堂 Abundance Auspicious Bucket Hamper — Chinese Knot Plum Blossom. Send one to your esteemed partner to wish them abundance and wealth in the coming year of Rabbit. Gong Xi Fa Cai. We have limited stock. Only 2 sets for round bucket.

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Weight 2.41 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 52 cm
  • $9.90$12.90

    An internet-viral snack, snowflake crisp, become very popular in the recent years in Taiwan and China mainland. The amazing taste and texture are well-loved by young and old.


    A nougat-like candy but less sweet and with a light crispy texture that combines sweet and savory while having a hint of tartness from the cranberries or mixed fruit and raisins, held together in a milky marshmallow mixture. A wonderful snack for the kids but adults love them too!


  • $25.00

    Limited Time Offer Christmas Castella Cupcakes Promotional Set valid from 21st Oct – 20 Nov @ S$9.90.

    Shipping cost for home delivery $12.

    Only available in Singapore.

  • $16.80$64.00

    Our Lucky Cat “Mandarin of Gold” Prosperity Gift Box, exclusively packaged for the coming Year of Tiger in 2022, is now open for pre-order. Pre-order is required by Payment before Chinese New Year. Limited stock quantities. First come first serve. Whilst stock last.


    Originating from Southern China, the tradition of giving mandarin oranges, during Chinese New Year, is known as “song gam” in Cantonese. Coincidentally, it also means “giving gold”, which the luck-obsessed Chinese have used as a symbol of conferring prosperity and well wishes to the recipient.


    The words for tangerine and orange in Chinese resemble the words for luck and success, respectively. Their bright color also symbolizes gold, hence the fruits have a meaning of bringing good luck and wealth. By giving someone mandarin oranges during Chinese New Year means is an auspicious act of wishing someone abundant wealth and prosperity.


    Please note:
    Product Details: Consists of Seasonal Fresh Fruits. Fresh fruits may be substituted according to season availability. Flower and Gift Retailer reserves the right to replace any item with another of equivalent value depending on availability.


    Mandarin fruit is small and shape beautifully round. Flesh is saccharine sweet and crisp, with low residue, low acid and has rich flavour. It is also easy to peel as compared to other citrus varieties, exude a citrusy scent when peeled, making it a popular choice.


    Our CNY Mandarin Oranges contain the following nutrition values:

    • Contains Vitamin C
    • Contains Vitamin A, Beta carotene
    • Contains Dietary fiber
    • Contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 (Pantothenic Acid), B6
    • Contains Potassium
    • Contains Calcium
    • Contains Magnesium
    • Mandarin orange has more antioxidant than oranges

    Stock will dispatch directly from Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre for doorstep delivery once imported stock arrives @ destination.


  • $14.00$50.00

    Ngaku Arrowhead chips is a highly popular snack during Chinese New Year. These very addictive and crunchy chips are made from the bulbs of the arrowhead plant and will only appear in the markets about a month before Chinese New Year. Crunch and addictive. One bite is very addictive. Prepared exclusively for Chinese New Year Celebration.


    Seaweed Crisps – $14 per canister
    Buy 1 Canister @ $14
    Buy 2 Canisters @ $13 x 2 = $26
    Buy 3 Canisters @ $12 x 3 = $36
    Buy 4 Canisters @ $11 x 4 = $44
    Buy 5 Canisters @ $10 x 5 = $50

  • $128.00

    Hansel and Gretel Gingerbread House Design B. Celebrate the traditions of Christmas and the season of giving with our gourmet takeaways that are available exclusively at Cake Story by Bliss from 11 November to 25 December 2022.

    Slots open for Pre-order now.

    Only 3 limited Edition designed gingerbread houses — not mass produce to sell for the current moment.

  • $19.90$45.00

    Our Christmas-themed macaron comes in the form 6 pieces or 12 pieces in transparent compact gift boxes. Beautifully garnished with edible Christmas-themed ornaments to spice up your festive mood with added-value by helping the needy when you purchase a box of our Christmas macaron set.


    Pre-order required at least 3-5 working days in advance.
WhatsApp +6582334373 / email for booking with:
    • Name
    • Date of reservation
    • Receipt ID


    NOTE: Every set of Christmas Macarons sold, Story by Bliss will donate 20% of our earnings to The Courage Fund to support our nationwide COVID19 Relief Schemes to support the needy. The evolving COVID-19 situation has affected Singaporeans in one way or another, including individuals who are facing loss of income or families that are struggling with additional caregiving duties and additional expenses for essential items.


    Story by Bliss would like to initiate the cause to support those who were affected by the outbreak. In this coming Christmas holiday season as well as the same spirit of uniting the community to support one another through difficult times, Story by Bliss would like to donate our 20% of earnings on each box of Christmas cupcakes sold to Community Chest which is rallying the community to provide relief and support to those affected by the current COVID-19 situation, especially on:


    • Relief on lower-income households affected by COVID19
    • Relief for dependants of persons who passed away due to COVID19
    • Relief for Healthcare workers who contracted COVID19 in the course of employment
    • Relief for frontline workers and community volunteers who contracted COVID19 while knowingly placed themselves at heightened risk in the course of employment


    Thank you very much for supporting our cause by buying our baked products to make this possible.




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