Holiday Mojito Mocktail with Cranberry and Pomegranate (non-alcoholic festive drink)


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Holiday Mojito Mocktail with Cranberry and Pomegranate (non-alcoholic festive drink)

A non-alcoholic drink that puts a holiday twist on a favourite cocktail, the holiday cranberry and pomegranate mojito is a fun drink.


Smallest bottle size for iced fruit tea is 250ml. Each bottle is SGD$6.00. $60 per 10 bottles (1 set)
Medium bottle size for iced fruit tea is 350ml. Each bottle is SGD$80.00. $80 per 10 bottles (1 set)
Largest bottle size for iced fruit tea is 400ml. Each bottle is SGD$10.00. $100 per 10 bottles (1 set)



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250ml, 350ml, 400ml


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