Mid-Autumn Festival Fortune Gift Basket


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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! May the round moon bring you good health, wellness and prosperity.
The Fortune Edition Gift Basket is only available in 2 set. Once sold, there is no replenishment of stock. It is limited edition for initial launch of Story by Bliss for the 1st festive occasion. Whilst stock last.


The Fortune Edition Hamper includes:
• A unique convertible gift basket into food cover
• A pomelo imported from Ipoh.
• Handmade Limited Edition Mooncake Gift Box – with a mixed of traditional 4 baked mooncakes, lotus paste with egg yolk and plain lotus paste.
• Premium Tea Leaves, Pu Er Tea
• Premium Tea Leaves, Long Jin Cha
• A gold bar of rice to symbolise your good fortune of happiness coming your way.
• A box of green tea mochi to pair with your mooncakes and tea.
• An additional FREE GIFT of popular choice and Limited Edition Twin Set Snowskin Mooncake, Yuzu and Lychee flavour mooncakes.

Out of stock

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  • $33.50$67.00

    The traditional charcoal grilled Slice BBQ Pork Dried Meat preserves all the sweet, savoury juiciness of the honey barbecue sauce. It’s a must-try CNY delicacy snack that the old and young will savour for years generation after generation, especially during Chinese New Year celebration.


    The savoury treat Singaporeans will queue over an hour for during Chinese New Year peak season in the past. In the midst of COVID pandemic still evolving around the world, there is no longer the need to queue rain or shine.


    Get your flavoured CNY delicacy – Slice BBQ Pork Dried Meat delivered to your home instead.


    All our products are hygienically processed vacuum packed for overseas export. Pre-order in advance is required as shipment needs to be confirmed in batches before Chinese New Year.

  • Original price was: $12.00.Current price is: $9.90.

    All our customised kueh lapis are hand-made by Indonesian Muslim bakers, specially prepared for storybybliss.com marketplace. Our imported kueh lapis are halal certified. There are no ready-stock. Need to pre-order in advance.

    Kueh lapis is a traditional cake built up of nine layers of rice pudding. It has a wobbly and soft texture with a distinctive coconut milk flavour. The colourful steamed cake has Indonesian origins and is widely enjoyed in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.


    Each layer of the kueh lapis legit is believed by Indonesians of Chinese descent to symbolise fortune.


    For years, people have been patronising the bakery shops in Indonesia  when Chinese New Year approaches. It is a Chinese tradition in Indonesia to buy it for the Chinese New Year. The cake symbolises multiple fortunes, that is why it is sought after during Chinese New Year.


    Now, Indonesian kueh lapis (half loaf) of various flavour are available for Singapore consumers to purchase:
    1) Original/Plain – U.P $12. Now @ $9.90

  • $48.00
    18 Pralines handcrafted artisan praline chocolates in a gift box set suitable for anniversary, birthday gift or loved ones who love chocolate. For chocolate lovers, it is also worth getting a set of praline chocolates for self-indulgence.
  • $29.80

    2-flavor Choice Snowskin Mooncake 4-in-1 Combo Gift Set 

    • 4 pieces of 80 gram snowskin mooncakes with your own choice of 2 alternative combo flavors from our collection set – Yuzu, Lychee, Purple Sweet Potato and Portuguese Custard, Red Bean, Lotus Seed
    • 1 corporate Moon Rabbit series gift box
    • $15 for Singapore islandwide delivery
    • No charge for delivery when self-collect
    • Mooncake shipping order only for Singapore customers.

  • $39.80

    Limited Edition 4 Auspicious Traditional Baked Mooncake Moon Rabbit Corporate Gift Set (Only 1 set)

    • 4 pieces of 80 gram baked mooncakes with plain Lotus Paste
    • 1 red-gold auspicious corporate gift box
    • $15 for Singapore islandwide delivery
    • No charge for delivery when self-collect
    • Mooncake shipping order only for Singapore customers.

  • $60.00

    3 Types of Snowflake Milk Nougat flavor – Cranberry Pistachio, Chocolate Strawberry Cashew, Matcha Nutty Fig


    FREE GIFT – 1 BOX of Oreo Walnut Yougurt


    Buy 3 Get 1 FREE. In total, you will get 4 boxes of snowflake nougat for the price of 3 boxes ($45). Each box of snowflake nougat is selling at $15 per box.




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