Trio All-Time-Favourite Swiss Roll

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3 variety of All-Time-Favourite Swiss Rolls – Vanilla, Red Velvet and Mocha.
Our cake rolls are freshly made upon order, please place orders 3 working days in advance
Best consumed on day of purchase. Or keep refrigerated and consume within 3-5 days.

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    Celebrate Father’s Day with one of our CAKE Story™ by Bliss Special Edition Series – HAPPY FATHER’S DAY Strawberry Yogurt Mousse Cake. Show your appreciation to your Dad on this special day by sharing the joy with your family members and friends.

  • $25.00$29.90

    All our customised kueh lapis are hand-made by Indonesian Muslim bakers, specially prepared for marketplace. Our imported kueh lapis are halal certified. There are no ready-stock. Need to pre-order in advance.

    Kueh lapis is a traditional cake built up of nine layers of rice pudding. It has a wobbly and soft texture with a distinctive coconut milk flavour. The colourful steamed cake has Indonesian origins and is widely enjoyed in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.


    Each layer of the kueh lapis legit is believed by Indonesians of Chinese descent to symbolise fortune.


    For years, people have been patronising the bakery shops in Indonesia  when Chinese New Year approaches. It is a Chinese tradition in Indonesia to buy it for the Chinese New Year. The cake symbolises multiple fortunes, that is why it is sought after during Chinese New Year.


    Now, Indonesian kueh lapis (half loaf) of various flavour are available for Singapore consumers to purchase:
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    2) Prunes – U.P $35. Now @ $29.90

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    Discontinue. Out-of-stock indefinitely. Customised Name for Baby Girl Full Month Gift Set D with Standard set of 2 Red Eggs, 2 Ang Ku Kueh and 2 Mini Swiss Roll Cake. Minimum 1 week Pre-order required.

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    Optional choice of fillings flavor:
    • Matcha Lava Snowskin Mooncakes
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    A Chinese Egg Rolls recipe that make authentic egg rolls with a light, crispy skin. Chinese egg rolls are a great snack or starter for any Asian style meal, particularly during Chinese New Year. Prepared exclusively for Chinese New Year Celebration.


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    Buy 4 Canisters @ $11 x 4 = $44
    Buy 5 Canisters @ $10 x 5 = $50




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